How to Tweak Your Free Recipe Pack to Suit Your Needs

By now you've hopefully received your 5 free recipe pack. (If you don't have it yet, click here!) And I truly hope you're enjoying your time in the kitchen!  Those recipes are some pretty serious "go-to" meals around here. But even though they work for our family just the way they are, I know everybody is different. So I'm here to help you make the changes you want to suit your needs!

Let's get started with the Apple Pie Oatmeal... I get it, there are a LOT of carbs in oatmeal.  I like to eat this for breakfast to level my blood sugar and then avoid carbohydrates as much as possible for the rest of the day.  That being said, here are some easy ways to make changes to the meal:

  • To make it vegan substitute Melt or Miyokos plant-based butter for the grass-fed. If you're just avoiding dairy, feel free to use grass-fed ghee.
  • Fresh ginger is great for the flavor and your metabolism but you can always omit if it's not your favorite spice or you don't have any in your pantry.
  • If you're working on lowering your sugar intake (aren't we all) just avoid the Brown Coconut Sugar altogether.  If you do really want the sweetness, keep in mind there are so many sugar alternatives right now.  Date sugar is a pretty great one that has a super low glycemic index.

Moving right along to the Vegetable Frittata...  I LOVE this one for clearing out all the vegetables in my fridge before they go bad.  Don't worry if you don't have the veggies listed in the recipe, any veggies will work!  Just make sure you sauté any root vegetables longer than you would a zucchini.  The last thing you want is undercooked vegetables messing up your glorious brunch.

  • Again, if you're aiming for dairy-free you can totally omit the cream cheese and the parmesan.  Since dairy is super inflammatory for Zak, Soren and me, we are pretty much a dairy-free household. I've discovered this amazing lactose-free line of products that I love to use when dairy is called for.
  • You could also use a bit of your favorite unsweetened alternative milk or one of the vegan brands of butter listed above to make the eggs creamy and delicious.

Who wants some tacos? This recipe has so much flavor and doesn't leave you with the guilty feeling some Mexican food can. I do know that 24 grams of carbs is kind of high, and completely out of the question if you're following a Keto plan. Don't worry - there are things we can change.

  • If you're worried about too many carbohydrates, omit the yam and salsa. Using a chicken bone broth instead with add flavor and the much-needed moisture to the turkey mix.
  • If you're more in the mood for red meat, of course, you can always substitute some local grass-fed beef to increase the fat content!
  • Can't handle the collard greens?  Butter Lettuce is a softer and sweeter tasting green that will help you keep the carbs low, but these corn tortillas are fantastic if you're in the mood to splurge on your carb count.
  • Just remember to check the ingredient list on your tortillas... if you can't pronounce the ingredient, I'm pretty sure you don't want it in your body.

Ooooh, the Marinara with Grass-Fed Beef is one of my family's favorites. We use it all year long as a staple for our favorite comfort food recipes.  Since we're also a gluten-free house, I've come up with some creative and delicious ways to enjoy this sauce without getting carbohydrates heavy.

  • If you don't like spicy, obviously you can omit the red pepper flakes without losing too much flavor.
  • I like to fill bell pepper halves with this meat-heavy sauce and roast them in the oven. We eat them with a side of a super greens salad.
  • Serve the sauce over grilled zucchini boats instead of half-moons. Delicious.
  • As a kid, my dad would make this exact recipe with the addition of thick slices of pepperoni. It sounds weird, but if you're not worried about sodium or the extra sugar in the pepperoni, give it a try.  It is delicious and I don't know if you'll ever go back.

Are you afraid to cook fish in your house? Don't worry, Salmon is an easy one.  It's actually one of the harder fish to mess up. Don't like squash or kale?  That's ok too, there are many things you can change in this one.

  • Substitute the squash for yams or carrots. You can cook them the exact same way the recipe calls for and you won't miss a beat.
  • Don't like kale? That's ok too, go for a nice romaine or spinach salad instead. Liven up the dressing with some fresh lemon juice and maybe a little garlic.
  • If you're worried about the carb count in this one, switch out the squash for some sautéed purple cabbage. It sounds weird but it will be beautiful on the plate and has a much lower carb count.
  • If you're craving a little touch of sweetness, you could always drizzle a tablespoon of maple syrup over the salmon before you broil.

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