Honoring Your Hunger and Fullness

Who are you being when you eat?  Do you eat when you're not actually hungry because it's noon and you're mentally programmed that at noon it's time to eat?  Do you eat too little or too much for your body's energy needs? 

My intention is for you to have a deeper understanding of this.  So the place I want to start is what I call honoring hunger.

How do we honor hunger? Honoring hunger is about recognizing what happens internally before you get hungry. So Instead of waiting until you’re so hungry you could eat a horse, you tune into the internal signal that the body needs nourishment.

It’s kind of like the gas tank on your car. There’s a buffer zone when you get in the red. When the gas light first appears, depending on your car you may have 20-30 miles to go before you actually run out of gas and come to a stop.

We don’t want to wait until we run out of gas to eat. Because that’s when the crazy unleashes. That’s when you are...

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