The Ultimate DIY Fix to Stop Overeating

How quickly do you digest your emotions? Wait, what does that mean?  Don't worry. I'm here to explain it to you - and help you reliably (and consistently) digest your emotions so you can get into a relaxed state before each meal.

To catch you up, we're looking at the 2nd tool in a 7-part series learning HOW you eat is just as important (if not more important) than WHAT you eat.  If you haven't read the last post, click here to get up to speed!

Today I want to discuss eating in an emotional state.  Have you ever had the experience of eating when you're super stressed out?  Like there is just something you can't shake, can't get out of your head? And it's time to eat, but you're totally worked up and in the stress response?  I mean, of course, you have.  We ALL have been there.

So, because of what we're learning in this series, we know that our body can't digest food when it's in the stress response, right?  It doesn't even make...

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